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The photo is from Whittard's website where (as of this writing) 50 round, stringless bags sell for USD $9.50, not too bad for what I presume to be a decent-quality Darjeeling. [They also sell loose-leaf Darjeeling.] Mine came from a 5-bag sampler pack, each bag being of the fold-over type stapled to a string and tag. I don't know if Whittard puts different amounts of tea in one bag type vs. the other, but for the purposes of this, I'll assume not.

I haven't had too many Darjeeling teas, given their reputation for being "delicate" and my preference for potency. This most certainly lived up to that gentle reputation, though the in-cup color (medium, tannic, translucent brown) was darker than I've read often accompanies this tea type. The dry-bag aroma reminded me of a faint whiff of fall forest leaves more than tea, so it didn't set any particular flavor expectations. The taste wasn't potent, and nothing about it stood out too much. I'd describe this brew as plain, pleasant and unoffensive, but with a tendency to get unduly bitter if steeped more than about 5 minutes (more like many green teas in that regard). The aftertaste isn't particularly intense, but sticks around a lot longer than most teas I've had as well. That's weird for a tea without a very strong flavor. Aromas in-cup and wet-bag are somewhat musty, but not moldy at all...instead, more of the tolerable, damp-wood variety. If you drink this tea, then are tempted to go find the nearest abandoned wooden building and start gnawing lichens off the timbers, I'd understand. :-)

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