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Region:Assam, India
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I really enjoy this tea a lot! The aroma is very pleasant, it kind of smells like pumpkin seeds. The taste is the best part, it is very smooth and thick bodied and not too astringent or bitter at all! It tastes like raisins and pumpkin seeds to me. It is a very comforting cup of tea. It is still being sold today and it is very cheap at around $16 per pound, a great value for how good this tea is. Its not a super fancy tasting tea but it certainly is a very good classic cup of breakfast tea. I would definitely get this again.

Disclaimer: this is yet another one of the old teas I'm reviewing from my cupboard, it's from about 2017. Because this tea is so good even at this age, I think its fair to leave my review up but keep in mind, it may be even more aromatic and interesting if it was fresher!

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