Tea: Iron Goddess of Mercy

A Tie Guan Yin from Rishi Tea

Picture of Iron Goddess of Mercy
Brand:Rishi Tea
Style:Tie Guan Yin
Region:Nantou, Taiwan
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Review of Iron Goddess of Mercy

9 of 105 of 54 of 590 of 100
SuperbExcellentGood Value

Wow. Rishi gets my attention again with another tea that is recognizable as its style but with its own unique twist. The aroma is astonishingly complex...in addition to the toasty, woody, and fruity tones you might expect from a medium-roasted Tie Guan Yin, there is a strong suggestion of spice (nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon) and spearmint. The finish is more typical...mostly woody.

Very full-bodied. Some bitterness, a fair amount of astringency. This is not the smoothest tea, but I like it like that. I really appreciate that Rishi, again, has gone for a bold, strong representative of this style, rather than a smooth tea that is all aroma and has little substance to back it up.

This tea is not cheap, but I think it offers outstanding value. You don't need to use much leaf either.

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