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Very fresh, more vegetal aroma than most kukicha I've had. Liquor is exceptionally clear, flavor is exceptionally smooth, sweet even. Less twiggy, yet also less sencha-like. Very mild, but very pleasant. Very little astringency.

This is not the most complex tea I've had, but it's certainly very balanced. Besides the fact that I tend to prefer a bit more of a woody quality, I think this is a contender for the title of best kukicha among those that I've tried.

As much as I like this one, I'm not sure the degree to which it matches its commercial description. Brewing with 180 degree water for a full three minutes (which is usually enough to extract a bit of a bite), there was very little bitterness. If this is what Arbor Teas considers "moderate bitterness", I am curious to see what their other green teas will be like--will they be too mild for me?

My only other comment about this one is that it is on the pricey side, even among organic kukicha. But, especially if you go for smoothness, you may find that this tea is well worth the extra expenditure. This tea has a delicate sweetness that is unusual among kukicha.

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