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This used to be the best Darjeeling I've had in a tea bag...and better than some loose-leaf ones I've tried. I have since come to prefer Ahmad's Darjeeling though, which is much cheaper.

Fairly light, but still with some bite. This is the sort of Darjeeling tea that I like. The aroma has some interesting complexity and is hard to describe. It's a bit like Jasmine rice, and has a high-grown character. Less fruity than most Darjeeling. This is one tea where the flavor sinks to the bottom of the cup. Oolong-like, light in color as well...the brewed leaf also has a much greener color than most black tea.

I recommend brewing for the full four minutes, recommended by Two Leaves and a Bud. Some of the interesting qualities in the aroma come out only after a longer steeping.

This tea is expensive, however. Even buying in quantity, it is at least 35 cents a cup. You can make a second infusion, stretching it a little further. But for this price you can purchase truly outstanding loose teas, including first flush Darjeelings.

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