Tea: Keemun

A Keemun from Rishi Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Rishi Tea
Region:Hubei, China
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This is the first Hubei Keemun I've tried, and I will say it is quite different from other Keemuns, and in fact, quite different from anything I've ever had: count on Rishi to locate and select innovative teas, although I still can't make up my mind about whether I like this particular innovation. I tried brewing this tea different ways. Rishi's recommendation leads to a very strong cup that is almost harsh; using less leaf, however, results in a smooth flavor but a relatively bland cup.

Like other Keemuns, the aroma suggests dried fruit, but, I know this sounds strange, there's also a presence of chicken in the aroma -- yes, chicken, as in chicken soup or chicken stock. It's a bit odd, and I honestly don't know what to make of it.

Brewed more weakly, I don't notice the smokey and pine aromas at all, but when I brewed it more strongly (following Rishi's recommendations), I definitely notice a slight smokey and piney quality. However, it's very subtle, compared to, say, Lapsang Souchong, and it has a much cooler quality in this tea.

Brewed weakly, the flavor is smooth, very little bitterness, almost sweet, and there's a little astringency in the aftertaste, and it was still rather full-bodied. But following Rishi's recommendations, the cup was quite bitter and had a heavy astringency in the aftertaste. This quality seemed to rise above the qualities of the tea, making the tea ironically seem thinner and more watery if you brewed it with more leaf like this.

Strange? This is one strange tea. I can't say I've ever had anything like it. Bottom line though? Yet another tea that I'm very glad I tried, but would not like to drink every day. As a final note though, it's very inexpensive!

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