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About GABA Oolong

GABA Oolong is a type of oolong that has been processed in a special way, using a pure-nitrogen environment, free of oxygen, so as to increase the concentration of GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) in the leaf. These teas were developed in Japan in the 1980's, but have begun being produced in Taiwan as well.

Because they are produced primarily for their concentration of GABA, and considerations of flavor are secondary in their production, these teas often do not taste as good as other oolongs or teas in general. However, some people enjoy the peculiar flavor of these teas, which include notes of guava or other tropical fruits.

The style of such teas is diverse, ranging from green to darker roasted, some having a tightly-rolled leaf style, others, long, flat leaves. Rarely, black teas using an oolong-like production style are available.

Relaxation and other health effects

GABA in the brain is known to have relaxing or anti-anxiety effects, but system-wide GABA does not generally cross the blood-brain barrier, with a few exceptions.

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47 / 100
Picture of Serene GABA Tea

Serene GABA Tea from Health & Tea

Style: GABA Oolong – Region: Taiwan / Formosa
Mar. 23rd, 2015

Odd, just odd, and I didn't enjoy it very much. My first experience with GABA tea.

The dry leaf of this tea looks brown, like a moderately roasted oolong, and has a faint nutty aroma with hints of gingerbread cookie dough.

Upon brewing, the main thing I notice is the lack of obvious oolong aroma. The aroma is v...

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Serene GABA Tea

Brand:Health & Tea
Style:GABA Oolong
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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