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Brand:Higgins & Burke
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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This tea's info last updated: Jan. 13, 2015

Commercial Description

Hand-selected premium black teas from Asia provide the foundation for this regal blend however it is the essence of Italian bergamot (a fragrant orange) folded with Floridian lemon which gives our Earl Grey its flavour and aroma of distinction. Enjoy a cup and feel like royalty.

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Reviewer pic87 Aroma: 7/10 Flavor: 5/5 Value: 4/5
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This is the first Earl Grey I ever tasted, and I haven't yet found one that is equivalent.

The aroma isn't too strong, but I like it anyway.
It seem to me that the flavor is what to be expected of an Earl Grey Tea. Compared to the other Earl Grey teas that I've tasted, this one feels more pure, without any aftertaste if you will. Maybe after some times it will become a boring tea to drink, but to my taste, I would classify it as a "default" tea.

I can't find this tea easily from where I live... The only store close to me that is selling Higgins & Burke is Staples, but they don't sell the Earl Grey (grrrrr). So the only option for me is to buy it online for $10 shipping. Since the box is only $4 it seems a bit ridiculous that it isn't more accessible. So I can't give a perfect 5 stars for the value.

I started by adding 2 tea spoon of sugar, but now I'm satisfied with only one and I can taste a perfect balance of "sweetness" in the tea.
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