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I liked this tea. I decided to get it because I wanted something that wasn't roasted or aged, that would still be more subdued in caffeine. I prefer naturally low-caffeine teas over ones that have had caffeine removed through some chemical (or other) process. Because kukicha is the twigs, with some leaf pieces (which you can see in the bag), it's not as caffeinated. It's really a much milder tea as compared to sencha. That said, it has a really nice body. It was impressively buttery and had a relaxing effect. I'd probably drink this in the evening after a stressful day, if I weren't going for something more naturally low in caffeine like the roasted hojicha (also a Japanese tea variety). Roasted teas aren't something I yearn for everyday. So, this is nice for when I want something with a more green and buttery taste, but still want something naturally lower in caffeine. I'd definitely recommend this. It's very low in price, it's easy to make (twig teas, in general, are harder to mess up when brewing), and the flavor was quite good.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review