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Drink The Leaf – CLOSED

Last Updated: Apr. 26, 2018

About Drink The Leaf

Drink The Leaf was a tea company, founded by Dan Ritzenthaler, that sold only loose teas. The company closed on June 28th, 2013.

Drink The Leaf sold teas both online and at the Napa Farmer's Market in the Napa Valley, CA. The company focused on carrying a small number of high-quality teas, and their selection included green, oolong tea, black, and pu-erh teas, as well as some herbal teas. Some of their teas were purchased as certified organic teas, although the company was not certified to handle and package these teas as organic under their own brand name.

Drink The Leaf's website, which is no longer up, featured information about tea, including information about different varieties of tea and brewing instructions. The website also had a tea blog. In addition to selling tea, the company sold a small amount of teaware, including teapots and tea infusers.

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The following is a selection of the 8 teas from Drink The Leaf in our database.

Picture of White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)

White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)

Style:White Peony Tea
Region:Fujian, China
Picture of Organic Snow Buds (Xue Ya)

Organic Snow Buds (Xue Ya)

Style:Snow Buds
Region:Fujian, China
Picture of Curled Dragon Silver Tip

Curled Dragon Silver Tip

Style:Curled Dragon Silver Tip
Picture of Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao White Tip)

Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao White Tip)

Style:Oriental Beauty
Region:Taiwan / Formosa

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