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Last Updated: Apr. 23, 2012

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EcoTeas is a company that specializes in Yerba Mate, although it also sells green and black tea, as well as some other herbs, including Tulsi or holy basil. EcoTeas was founded by a group of three people in 2000, and is based in Ashland, Oregon.

EcoTeas is committed to promoting sustainability, including through supporting organic agriculture, fair trade, through minimizing packaging, using compostable materials, helping people to transition to using loose-leaf tea, and through maintaining an affordable pricing scheme. Some of EcoTeas' products use IMO Fair Trade Certification.

Teas From EcoTeas

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Yerba Mate - Loose Tea

Style:Yerba Maté
Picture of Black Tea - Breakfast Assam

Black Tea - Breakfast Assam

Region:Assam, India

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