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Floating Leaves

Web: www.floatingleaves.com
Phone (206) 276-9542
Last Updated: May. 22, 2014

About Floating Leaves

Floating Leaves is a tea company based in Seattle, Washington, focusing on traditional tea and teaware from Taiwan, Japan, and China. The company was founded in April 2002, and has a storefront in Seattle, as well as selling teas online.

Floating Leaves has a small catalogue, and sells a number of single-harvest teas of limited supply.

Physical Locations

Floating Leaves TeaSeattle, WA

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(7 reviews)
55 / 100

Leaves are very long and wiry. Had to pick up leaves with fingers to get into tea sack. Prepared 7.6 g in 18 oz boiled water; brewed 4 min; added 3 oz ice. Final = 2.8 g per 8 oz. Strong tea flavor; slight wulong taste. I wonder if this tea is as fully oxidized as most black teas.
The Chinese characters on the bag ...

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(1 review)
97 / 100

Crimson Lishan

Style: Black Tea – Region: Taiwan / Formosa
May. 23rd, 2019

Brewing style: 4g leaf in 80ml gaiwan at 212°F/100°C

Steam-damp leaf aroma is cassia spice & malty raisin.

The infusion maintains these notes, golden & complex, with a strong energy lingering in the throat. Broth is lightly astringent & medium bodied, with a slight honey viscosity. Warming & grounding. If blac...

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