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Picture of Lemongrass

Lemongrass from Teatulia

Style: Lemongrass – Region: Bangladesh

80 / 100 Aroma: 7/10 Flavor: 5/5 Value: 4/5
Aug. 7th, 2010

Lemongrass is lemongrass, and the difference- between various lemongrasses (for tea) that I've tried have been very subtle. That said, this is without a doubt the best lemongrass I've ever tried.

This isn't the most lemony version of this herb that I've had, but it has a smoothness that is hard to find. Lemongrass...

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Picture of Lemon Grass, Coarse Cut

Lemon Grass, Coarse Cut from Upton Tea Imports

Style: Lemongrass – Region: Thailand

67 / 100 Aroma: 6/10 Flavor: 3/5 Value: 4/5
Dec. 12th, 2009

Tastes...like lemongrass. There's a fair amount of astringency, which I could do without, but the aroma is wonderful and very strong. I've never had straight lemongrass tea before, although I've enjoyed it when it has been an ingredient in other teas, so it's hard to know what to compare this to...but I like it!


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Page 1 of 1 page with 2 results