Photo of Leaf of Ceylon Sonata from Adagio Teas by A Girl With Tea

Long, wiry, twiggy-looking tea leaves with black to reddish-olive colors

I really love this tea; it's one of my favorite teas in Adagio's catalog, and one of my favorite "base" or "default" Assam teas that I've tried from any company.

I love this photograph; although it's somewhat low resolution, I think it is well-composed and does an excellent job of showing the particular shape of this tea's dry leaf.

The tea is very wiry and even looks a little twiggy, with a few visible pieces of twig mixed in there. The range of color variation is subtle, from black to a dark purplish-black, almost tending towards the color of Kalamata olives, and a few hints of orange or orange-brown.

I highly recommend trying this tea if you ever order from Adagio.

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