Tea Tin, Keemun Full Leaf Black Tea from Foojoy

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This tea tin was quite inexpensive, and contained a relatively low grade of Keemun, but fresh and of very good quality. It was a staple tea for me, especially in winter. I highly recommend reading my review.

Foojoy, best-known for its inexpensive tea bags, widely available in large boxes in Asian markets, also has two separate lines of loose-leaf teas. This is from the low-end product line, large tins that contain around 8 ounces of tea (a half pound) and typically sell for under $10. The high-end product line comes in cylindrical containers and is much pricier, typically, around $15 for only 3-4 ounces of tea.

I think both lines are very good purchases for their money, and I wish they were more widely-available.

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Tea:Keemun Full Leaf Tea
Region:Anhui, China
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