Loose-leaf and Brewed Cup of Golden Monkey Black Tea from Teavana

Loose-leaf black tea with long, wiry leaves and golden-orange tips, cup with orange-red infusionView Full Resolution

This photo shows both the loose-leaf tea and brewed cup of Golden Monkey Black Tea from Teavana. This style of tea is produced in Fujian, China, and is one of the Teavana teas that attracted the largest number of reviews on our site, although it is not among their top-rated ones.

The golden-orange pieces in the mix are actually tips are leaf buds, reflecting that this is a tippy tea. The infusion is perhaps a bit lighter than typical for a black tea, but darker in color than teas made purely out of tips; this tea is made of a mix of tips and larger, more mature leaves, which show a darker color.

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Tea:Golden Monkey Black Tea
Style:Golden Monkey
Region:Fujian, China
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