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About Malaysia

Fields of Tea in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, © Will Ellis from Reading, England, CC BY 2.0.
Malaysia is a country in southeast Asia, located north of Indonesia on the archipelago between mainland Asia and Australia. Malaysia has a diverse climate, ranging from low-lying areas with a tropical climate to mountains reaching an elevation of 13,436 ft. (4,095.2 m). Malaysia is a major reservoir of biodiversity, harboring large areas of tropical rainforest, as well as a large array of other ecosystems relative to its small size.

Malaysia produces small quantities of tea. Its total production in 2008 was about 0.1% of the global production, which is small, but placed it as the 24th largest producer of tea in that year.[1] Malaysia is also the origin of Java tea and is an important producer of this herbal tea.

The Malaysian Department of Agriculture Sarawak sponsors Scheme Organic Malaysia, a program for organic certification.


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Styles of Tea Produced in Malaysia

This is a selection, not an exhaustive listing, of the styles of tea most commonly produced in Malaysia.

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