Tea: Dragon Well Tea

A Dragon Well (Long Jing) from Ten Ren Tea

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Brand:Ten Ren Tea
Style:Dragon Well (Long Jing)
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Ten Ren's Longjing brews to a golden-green color, and has a strong smoky vegetal aroma. This tea has a crisp finish and some real bite, different from a typical Longjing. Actually, this aspect of it is more similar to the bite and "rawness" of a Chinese red tea.

The flavor of this tea is a bit vegetal similar to its aroma. Underneath the bite, it does have some more typical Longjing qualities, but even at lower temperatures they are a bit hidden in the mix. This is an alright tea, but it does not have the same smoothness, fullness, and complexity that I would expect in a Longjing. Still, the qualities that it does have put it well ahead of most green tea to be had in a teabag.

This Ten Ren tea does not really have the usual characteristics that I have observed in Longjing teas before, and I don't really care for its idiosyncrasies. Honestly, I think the Foojoy Longjing is head and shoulders above this tea in quality, and much closer to a real Longjing.

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