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This is undoubtedly the best Darjeeling I've tried in tea bags yet, and it's surprisingly affordable. It's a broken-leaf tea, but I think it surpasses even "full-leaf" teas in pyramid sachets, like those from Two Leaves Tea or Novus Tea.

Very green character the greenest I've ever had from a tea bag. Is this pure first flush? It seems like it. Brews a light golden amber cup if steeped for 3 minutes or less, almost looking more like a green tea than black.

Aroma is a little subdued, but there's a strong muscatel grape quality, and a hint of caramel and wintergreen.

Flavor is naturally sweet, with a pleasantly bitter finish. Moderate astringency, especially in the finish, and especially if brewed strongly.

Easily makes two infusions. The second requires a much longer steeping, but I was still able to make a flavorful cup even if my first steeping was longer.

Impressive. My palate has been a bit spoiled for lower grade teas by trying some of the best, top-grade Darjeeling first flush teas that I've sampled yet, from Happy Earth Tea, yet this still struck me as a very good tea. That says something! This even beats out some loose-leaf Darjeelings.

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E. Alex Gerster wrote:
on July 24th, 2013

I have been impressed by this Darjeeling as well. I had the tea bag version at a local Indian restaurant, and was pleased. Picked up some of the Ahmad loose leaf and now use it about once a week with a good meal. Impressive quality at a very reasonable price.

Alex Zorach wrote:
on July 24th, 2013

I really like it!

I do find though that not everyone likes this tea...especially people who tend to like strong black teas...this tea has such a green character (which I like) whereas a lot of the other Darjeelings in tea backs have a character more similar to other black teas.

I've become a huge fan of Ahmad tea though...they seem unparallelled in terms of the quality they offer for their price, at least among black teas.

spaflam wrote:
on January 6th, 2014

Just tried the Ahamad Darjeeling bag and I am loving it so far! Very impressinve for a bagged Darjeeling.

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