Tea: Pu Erh Hazelberry

A Flavored Pu-erh from Adagio Teas

Picture of Pu Erh Hazelberry
Brand:Adagio Teas
Style:Flavored Pu-erh
Region:Yunnan, China
# Ratings:4 View All
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Review of Pu Erh Hazelberry

8 of 104 of 53 of 577 of 100

The first thing I noticed about this tea's aroma is the strawberry, which immediately reminded me of Crunch Berries! I also pick up notes of cream, hazelnut, earthiness, and minerals. It is a complex tea.

The taste is also complex, first there is a blend of earthy, metallic, and mineral flavors that really pop in my mouth, next is a blend of strawberries, cream, and hazelnut with the strawberries lingering as an aftertaste.

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