Review of Australian Lemon Myrtle Organic

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The aroma of both the tea and the dried leaf are intensely lemony, much more so than the other lemon herbs I've tried, including lemongrass, lemon balm, and lemon verbena. More like lemongrass than the others, and least like lemon balm. The lemon quality is so overpowering that it's hard to notice other aspects of the aroma, but there are a few other qualities in there, like a suggestion of resinous wood, a skunky quality, and a hint of ginger. The overall aroma is very rich and dark, even though it is so fresh.

When I first tried this tea, there was a faint unpleasant quality. I first described it as like decaying resinous wood The quality is still in there, but it has grown on me and no longer bothers me.

This tea has an odd tangy quality to it, more like actual lemon than any of the other lemon herbs I've tried. It leaves a tingly sensation on the mouth, and has a clean, fresh aftertaste. You will taste lemon after drinking this tea; it's so lingering that it even will affect the aroma rather strongly if you brew another cup of tea in the same teapot without thoroughly scrubbing it out.

I can also see wanting to use this in cooking or for blending with other herbs. This is not just "another lemon herb"--this one is really worth checking out!

The price on this may seem high, but I assure you it is reasonable...this herb is so strong that you don't need as much leaf to achieve the same amount of lemony-quality, and when compared side-by-side to lemongrass, the most similar substitute, I think this herb offers equal or superior value.

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