Review of Jasmine Phoenix Pearls (Jasmine #12)

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Now sold as "Jasmine Phoenix Pearls," this tea is light and floral. The pearls were nicely wound and were generally free of flaws. The aroma of the leaves is strong with the scent of jasmine. The liquor is light and is, again, strongly scented with jasmine. The taste is a light green tea with a strong jasmine taste - actually too strong, which is why it gets lower marks for flavor. Even with minimal steeping, the tea gets overly bitter from the overuse of jasmine; however, the flavor gets better with subsequent steeps.

Tasting notes:
Steep 1: 1.5tsp/8oz, 165 degrees, 45-60 seconds
Steep 2: 175 degrees, 70 seconds
Steep 3: 175 degrees, 90 seconds

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