Tea: Kandy OP

A Ceylon Black Tea from Upton Tea Imports

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Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Review of Kandy OP

8 of 105 of 55 of 587 of 100

The aroma is mild, and very typical for a British-style black tea, on the malty side for a Ceylon, and much more complex than most other Ceylons. I found it is easy to overlook if brewed weakly, but really comes alive if brewed more strongly.

This tea is quite slow to infuse; I like steeping 5 minutes or more, and I also recommend using a bit more leaf than normal.

The aroma is deep and fruity, with some subtle vegetal notes that become a bit spicy too. Slightly peppery finish. Less malty when brewed than the leaf suggests. There are a hint of smoky notes.

Flavor is balanced: very full-bodied and rich, but only a moderate bitterness even if brewed strongly. The bitterness is evenly distributed throughout, from start to finish. Tastes better hot.

A very good Ceylon tea, definitely among the best examples I've tried from any company. Excellent price. Also resteeps quite well; I was always able to brew two satisfying cups; the second takes a very long steeping though to bring out the fullest flavor.

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