Review of Earl Grey Bravo

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This has been my go-to tea for the last couple of weeks. When it runs out, I'll probably try other types of Earl Grey, though maybe I'll buy this again someday. It's good, though basic.

It's a fairly mild tea with a very mild bergamot flavor. Only a little bitterness. Pretty astringent. You can only smell and taste the bergamot faintly, but it's a nice little note to the tea, and often I find that I prefer this over more strongly-flavored or more plain teas. I think that I would prefer a little more bergamot, though.

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Brytta Sóþword wrote:
on August 10th, 2015

Even though I'm not usually into Earl Greys, I really like Adagio's Earl Grey Lavender. The bits of lavender really smooth out the drink, imo, and I'm curious what you'd think of it. :-)

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