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Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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The last of the Basilur teas I picked up at a friend's wedding, and unfortunately, one of the least satisfying.

The tea bag didn't smell great, but upon brewing I was surprised by a more pleasing aroma. Like other lower-quality senchas I've tried, and somewhat like bancha, this one had a distinct corn aroma.

The cup was initially smooth, but as I drank more of it I found that there was a fairly strong astringency, and also a sourness, lurking towards the bottom of the cup. I found this slightly unpleasant.

An interesting tea to try; quite unlike most Japanese sencha, and above average for a green tea bag, but I think most green tea bags tend to be quite terrible, so that doesn't say much.

I'm not sure what this tea normally sells for, but I could only find it online for astronomical prices, like $15 for 20 tea bags, which seemed crazy to me, which is why I'm marking it as overpriced. I think a fair price for this would be $3 for 20 tea bags, as it's about on par with the better supermarket brands.

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