Review of Constant Comment Decaffeinated

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The teabags smell really nice to me. The heaviest components are orange and clove. Adding water intensifies the aroma and brings out hints of cinnamon and sweet spice (cardamom? nutmeg?) in the background. The orange and spice overpower any recognizable tea aroma.

The flavor is dominated by clove with a taste that reminds me of sweet pickling spice. After tasting, I think the "sweet spice" that I was smelling earlier is mostly allspice with a little ginger. The orange is just aroma at this point, but I bet the spices are clove, allspice, ginger and cinnamon in that order.

At no point do I detect any tea, either by aroma or flavor. That isn't a big surprise based on my tasting of other decaf black teas, but it's still a bit of a disappointment. The flavor's still quite nice, though. I'm not normally a fan of spice teas mainly because as a general rule, they rely too heavily on cinnamon. Constant Comment is a nice change. I could still see myself getting burnt out on the heavy clove, but for now it's both novel and tasty.

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