Review of Seuj Assam Summer Natural Artisanal Green

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Another tea that I found too astringent to enjoy, no matter how I brewed it. I'm finding that about most of these summer-harvest Assam greens and even some of the spring ones. Thank you to TEAORB for the samples, this is an interesting experience even if I don't like all the teas.

Dry leaf smells heavy, pungent, vegetal, spicy, with a hint of camphor, a lot like some raw Pu-erhs that have not yet been aged.

The aroma of the brewed cup is milder, mostly soapy and slightly floral and vegetal. Like many of these Assam greens, the mouthfeel is thick and quite astringent, and it tasted harsh when hot and was better when it had cooled somewhat.

TEAORB describes this as having a "mellow" palate, but I don't agree, although I agree with their description of the aroma as vegetal.

I found this tea to be unpleasantly harsh when brewed strong enough for me to really appreciate its aroma. When I used less leaf and a shorter steep, the astringency was reduced to a manageable level, and the flavor was quite pleasant, but it was then aromatically quite flat. Slightly metallic finish, when brewed weakly.
There are a few interesting notes, reminiscent of Chinese teas, especially Yunnan teas, but when I compare this to a sheng Pu-erh I just can't see buying this...there are so many teas that have a similar character, are cheaper, and are more pleasant to drink.

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