Review of Constant Comment Decaffeinated

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Caveat: Constant Comment is one of my very favorite teas, so even a noticeable dropoff from that still garners a favorable rating from me.

The Good: As bagged decaf teas go, this is one of the most tolerable, and dare I say pleasant. Most of the wonderfully clove/orange/cinnamon aroma and flavor of original Constant Comment still is there, whether in the dry bag, cup, or wet bag. The orange and cloves, in particular, seem to linger in the mouth well after swallowing has finished. As long as expectations for vigor of base-tea presence are tempered somewhat, this still can be a worthwhile drink when caffeine is undesirable, such as before bedtime, or on a related medical restriction.

The Bad: As intimated above, the base-tea element, compared to the original version, is a lot weaker in all sensory phases. It's barely detectable, and seems to have been replaced to a mild extent by a flat, somewhat tinny undertone. This is not offputting to me, as long as the spices are strong, but does rear itself every few sips. Again, I'd stick to the original unless caffeine is verboten, in which case this still is one of the best decaf teas around.

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