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English Tea Store

Web: www.englishteastore.com
Phone (877) 734-2458
Last Updated: Jan. 16, 2018

About English Tea Store

The English Tea Store is an online tea company based in New Stanton, PA, and is a certified women-owned business in the state of Pennsylvania. The English Tea Store has its own brand of loose tea, and also sells a number of other brands. In addition, it sells teapots, mugs, cookies, and a number of other food and non-food items.

The English Tea Store's extensive website has a blog and a collection of information and other resources about tea and related topics.

English Tea Store's own brand of tea is available both loose and in teabags. Their catalogue has a considerable variety of British styles of tea, offering multiple examples of Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and other common tea types, with different leaf styles, and some organic certified as well.

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Picture of Nine Bend Black Dragon

Nine Bend Black Dragon

Style:Black Tea
No image of this tea

Scottish Breakfast

Style:Scottish Breakfast
Picture of Regular Earl Grey - Fine Loose Leaf

Regular Earl Grey - Fine Loose Leaf

Style:Earl Grey Tea
Picture of Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Style:Earl Grey Tea

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83 / 100
Picture of Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival

This is a green tea with a powerful floral aroma of cherry and rose. Naturally sweet, it needs only a small amount of sweetener for my taste. The green tea base is substantial and the brew is amber in color. My only reservation is the "flavored with rose and cherry" which leads me to wonder at the ingredients.

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Picture of Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival

Style:Flavored Green Tea
1 Rating

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