Best Brands of Tulsi / Holy Basil

Top-rated by our community

1Mountain Rose Herbs191
2Upton Tea Imports184
3Organic India143

This list includes teas with 3 or more ratings. Companies may actually sell more teas.

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Brands of Sub-Types of Tulsi / Holy Basil

Vana Tulsi

Largest Selections

Brands With The Most Tulsi / Holy Basil

1Mountain Rose Herbs3
2Upton Tea Imports2
3Davidsons Tea2

This list is based on teas listed in our database; companies may sell more teas than we have listed.

Tulsi / Holy Basil Brands

Tea Companies Selling Tulsi / Holy Basil

There are very few companies selling pure (unblended) tulsi or holy basil. These brands include both tea companies, those specializing in herbs, and one, Organic India, specifically centered around tulsi.

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