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Reviews of Teas & Herbal Teas from Zhejiang, China

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Picture of Dragon Well 2nd Grade

Dragon Well 2nd Grade from Ten Ren Tea

Style: Dragon Well (Long Jing) – Region: Zhejiang, China

47 / 100 Aroma: 4/10 Flavor: 2/5 Value: 3/5
Jun. 28th, 2011

I got this tea for a general idea of the relative quality of Ten Ren's Longjings, without much investment.

You can get a lot of loose Longjing here for not much money at all. The downside is that the quality isn't so great. Many leaves are broken, other leaves are bent, etc. For most people, I would recommend much h...

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Picture of China Green Tips Filterbag

China Green Tips Filterbag from Tazo Tea

Style: Mao Feng Green Tea – Region: Zhejiang, China

73 / 100 Aroma: 6/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 4/5
May. 16th, 2011

The following review is of China Green Tips in a normal tea bag, as opposed to the whole-leaf satchet version.

True to its name, the aroma and the flavor of China Green Tips are indeed similar to the vegetal and fresh qualities of a Zhejiang green tea made from small and vibrant leaves. Apart from its basic characte...

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Page 1 of 1 page with 2 results