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Last Updated: Dec. 13, 2011 

About Hairy Crab Oolong

Mao Xie from Canton Tea Co
Mao xie (毛蟹), meaning hairy crab, is a type of se chung oolong. Se chung oolongs are produced in Anxi county of Fujian province in China.

The name "hairy crab" originates from the fact that this oolong has fine hairs on the tea leaves, and from the way this oolong tends to be formed into irregular shapes when rolled, with curled pieces of stem and leaf projecting from some of the leaf in a way that makes some leaves look like a miniature crab. The shape originates from the deeply serrated leaves of the particular varietal of the tea plant used to produce this oolong.

Like many of the se chung oolongs, mao xie is often very affordable.

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87 / 100
Picture of Hairy Crab Oolong Loose Tea

I thought this was a delightful tea. I have tried a Mao Xie before, and loved it, but it was an unbranded type that someone brought me back from China so I was not able to review it. This one was a lot like I remember it: pungent and a bit edgy and odd, but in a way that I liked.

The dry leaf has an aroma that is ...

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Hairy Crab Oolong Loose Tea

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