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Last Updated: Apr. 1, 2014

About auraTeas

AuraTeas is a Canadian tea company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in loose-leaf tea.

AuraTeas has a large selection of single-estate and single-origin teas; their selection of true tea has a clear focus on pure, unflavored teas, but the company also sells a wide variety of herbal blends, especially those based in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India.

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Picture of Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea

Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea

Style:Golden Monkey
Region:Fujian, China
No image of this tea

Formosa Hsinchu Baihao Oolong

Style:Oriental Beauty
Region:Hsinchu (County), Taiwan

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93 / 100
Picture of Organic Keemun Black Tea

Dry, this tea carries the wonderful scent of new hay drying in the fields, that indescribeble mix of clover, timothy,trefoil and other grasses. The brewing aroma adds chocolate, fresh wash and good, clean earth. The taste does not disappoint. There is a bit of chocolate, a bit of floral, a bit of honey, all on a bas...

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87 / 100
Picture of Formosa Alishan Oolong

The scent of the dry leaves is of good green earth. They are very compressed. As they brew a green vegetal scent arises with a sharp, pleasant aroma of pineapple. The medium amber liquor tastes about the same, vegetal, pineapple, with a whiff of floral. The second infusion sadly loses the pineapple, as the floral o...

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Picture of Organic Keemun Black Tea

Organic Keemun Black Tea

Region:Wuyuan, Jiangxi, China
1 Rating
Picture of Formosa Alishan Oolong

Formosa Alishan Oolong

Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Chiayi (County), Taiwan
1 Rating

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