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Indonique – CLOSED

Last Updated: Aug. 8, 2012

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Indonique was a tea company founded by George Constance. Indonique was previously located in New Orleans, LA, but relocated to Connecticut following hurricane Katrina.[1] The company later closed.

In order to mitigate the problem by which profits in the tea industry tend to concentrate at the top of the supply chain in wealthier countries, Indonique donated 10% of its profits to schools and international non-governmental organizations that benefit the people in the areas the tea is produced in.

1. Indonique Tea & Chai Restarts After Katrina Washout, triplepundit, April 17th, 2009.

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Dragonwell Lung Ching #5 Green

Style:Dragon Well Tea
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Passion Fruit Black Tea with Flowers

Style:Flavored Black Tea
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Ceylon (Sri Lanka) OP Black

Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon

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