Bajra Tea Garden, Bhadrapur, Nepal

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This photo shows misty fields of tea at the Bajra Tea Garden in Bhadrapur, Nepal. Although most of Nepal (including most of the well-known tea--growing areas) is very mountainous, this tea field is exceptionally flat, reflecting the fact that Bhadrapur is located in the low-lying floodplain area adjacent to the Mechi River.

Ecologically and geographically, this region is more similar to Assam than to the more mountainous, upland areas of Nepal, which are more similar to Darjeeling.

I have never knowingly tried any teas grown in this low-lying area of Nepal, but I'd be curious to see if they taste more like Assam teas.

According to the photographer who took this photo, Bhadrapur was once best-known for being the site of a rice farm, and has more recently transformed into a tea-growing city. Bhadrapur is the location of the Budhkaran Tea Garden, and I don't know if this is a different garden, or just a different name for the same one.

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