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Last Updated: Apr. 4, 2012 

About Black and Oolong Blends

This category is for blends that include black tea and oolong tea with no other ingredients.

Although the oxidation level of oolongs varies widely, the types of oolongs used in blends with black tea tend to be the darker, more-oxidized types, as the greener oolongs tend to have more delicate aromas that can be bowled over by blending them with a stronger black tea.

Although it is impossible to generalize about all such blends, they tend to resemble black tea in terms of color and total level of oxidation, but they can be significantly smoother than black tea.

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50 / 100

Palm Court from Harney and Sons

Style: Black and Oolong Blend – Region: Blend
May. 11th, 2021

This has a hoity-toity description, claiming that it is the "beverage of choice" at the Palm Court in New York City's Plaza Hotel. I actually went there once, several years ago, and had a cup of tea, which I don't remember as being anything special. Despite the pedigree, this is a fairly ordinary cup of tea - it is s...

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Palm Court

Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Black and Oolong Blend
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