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Gui Fei Oolong

Picture of Gui Fei Oolong
Brand:Music City Tea
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
Product page:

This tea's info last updated: Dec. 22, 2016

Commercial Description

...The plum and osmanthus aromas surprised us and then it's toasty pleasing taste wowed us. This tea reminds us of an excellent well oxidized and toasty Ti Kwan Yin, yet with more depth and robustness. Brewing twice makes this an excellent value.

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97 Aroma: 10/10 Flavor: 5/5 Value: 5/5
(19 reviews) on
I am still fairly new to oolongs. Wow there is such variety, hard to pronounce names, entire worlds of flavor and aroma...I doubt I could explore them all in one lifetime :)

I had never heard of Gui Fei oolong. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information about this oolong, unless it's perhaps known by other names that I'm not familiar with.
Apparently it's one of those "bug-bitten" teas (I have no idea if that's a myth or the truth).

So anyway I ordered some recently from Music City Tea. And I find it to be incredibly unique and aromatic....I love it!

The dry, ball-rolled leaves are almost rock shaped and of a decent size and pretty hefty. Not too much of an aroma from the dry leaf but wow when steeped it fills the room with a unique aroma.
I smell apricots, prunes, honey, and other aromas that I can't quite describe...fruity candy or dried fruit perhaps? Just an incredible aroma that I didn't think possible in a pure, unscented tea.

The taste is equally unique and complex. Dried apricots, plums, oranges, lemons, nuts, and a deep full and heavy bodied and toasty "tea flavor" (for lack of a better word) that is the backbone. This is a very filling and rich oolong.
This is definitely on the darker, more oxidized and roasted side of the oolong spectrum.
The steeped liquor is a deep amber-brown.

Later infusions bring out a rich chestnut flavor as some of the earlier fruitiness lessens. It is good for many infusions, but I normally stop after 7 (using gong fu style) due to the richness. But it never shows signs of weakening and I imagine it could go on forever :)

I have been drinking this tea daily since I got it, sometimes twice daily. It's so much fun to have a light, flowery oolong for one session, then a dark Wuyi tea for another session, and then this one in between.

It's difficult for me to describe how unique and stunningly yummy I find this tea. This comes very close to a full 100 rating for me. Amazing!
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review