Emerald Green - Organic

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Brand:The Tao of Tea
Style:Green Tea
Region:Fujian, China

This tea's info last updated: Apr. 3, 2017

Commercial Description

Although simple in appearance, this lovely Chinese Emerald Green tea will reveal layers of aroma and flavor if steeped multiple times – three, according to its traditional name, San Bei Xiang. San Bei means “three cups,” and Xiang refers to fragrance. A perfect everyday green tea from Ningde, Fujian.

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Reviewer pic80 Aroma: 6/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 5/5
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Also known as "San Bei Xiang" or "Three Cups" because of the different fragrances this tea provides with each infusion. I'm a little confused about the origin because the website says it is from Ningde in Fujian province but the tin I bought says it is from Zhejiang province. Perhaps Tao of Tea switched locations it sources from recently? This is tea is very similar to the Jade Cloud tea from Tao of Tea but is less pronounced in its' aroma and not as delicate tasting. It is more astringent and less "buttery" than its' Tao of Tea cousin as well. It has a nutty flavor with a good but slightly astringent pine aftertaste. I don't mind a little astringency so this suits me just fine. It is a good tea on the whole and I will have no problem finishing the tin. I'm also looking forward to experimenting with different steeping times. So, far I brewed it western style 175°F for 4 min using about 1 teaspoon to 12 oz. If I have a complaint, it is basically the same complaint I have with all Tao of Tea purchases. The packaging doesn't go far enough to keep the tea fresh. I appreciate the fact that they have an expiration date and a lot of information about the sourcing location of the tea. I just would prefer the tea be in a better container that is more airtight. Perhaps a bag within a tin would be a big improvement? I'm giving this tea a high rating for value because it was only $9.99 for a 3 oz tin. That is a great deal for a good quality organic green like this.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review

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