Earl Grey Blue Flowers

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Brand:Tea Palace
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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This tea's info last updated: Jan. 22, 2015

Commercial Description

Earl Grey Blue Flowers, also known as Lady Grey, is a traditional Earl Grey blended with real blue mallow blossoms for a naturally sweeter Earl Grey taste. Our Earl Grey teas are blended using only the finest China black tea with real natural oil of bergamot.

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Reviewer pic80 Aroma: 7/10 Flavor: 5/5 Value: 4/5
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This is a smooth and mellow Earl Grey tea; check it out when in the UK.

To the traditional mix of china black tea and bergamot, Tea Palace adds dried blue malva flowers which smooth out the tea and add a hint of sweetness. It is one of their best selling teas.

I haven't found anything similar in the US. Some earl grey teas add blue cornflowers, but they add nothing except a bit of color to the dried tea.

My favorite earl grey tea, though, is to start with a good china black tea, and add a drop of bergamot oil to the cup while it is steeping. Fresher, more fragrant, better flavor.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review

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