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Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

5 ratings
Picture of Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea
Style:Milky Oolong
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
Product page:

This tea's info last updated: Mar. 14, 2017

Commercial Description

...its milky aroma is natural, it is not manually added milk when process as other milk teas. The first three infusion of this tea will have slight milky scent, whereas this scent will gradually reduce for the next cups.

Ratings & Reviews

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78 Aroma: 8/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 3/5
(24 reviews) on
To me, this tasted a lot like the FooJoy Tung Ting oolong, but with notes of milk, cream, and at times, almost a custard, that came and went. The floral notes were very similar, like gardenia. I did enjoy those milky notes, but they didn't stick around long. They were present for the first steeping, but were largely in the background after that, sometimes barely present. The floral notes really came to the forefront, at which point, it was hard to tell that it was a 'milk' oolong at all. I was a bit disappointed by this.

It was a nice tasting experience, but it was a bit too complex for daily drinking. It also didn't endure much with the milky notes, so I don't feel very drawn back to it. It seems like this lack of endurance for the milky notes is pretty normal. Still, I'd be curious about trying others to see if I could find one where it sticks around for longer.
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73 Aroma: 7/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 4/5
(119 reviews) on
Method: 1.5 tsp, 8 oz, 208 degrees, 3 minutes and 8 minutes, brew in mug strainer

Dry Leaf And Brewing Aroma: milky and buttery with a little hint of floral

Flavor: this tea is very light and “green”. I sipped it a bit and found the flavors to be pleasant, but quiet. I put the strainer back in and steeped to 8 minutes. The flavor is more present, but I could still use a little more, personally. Next time I’ll use more tea. This isn’t super creamy, but it has a nice milky flavor and has a hint of butter. I can taste some very mild florals as well. On some sips, I even pick up a slight roasty taste. This wasn’t my favorite of the TeaVivre samples, but I like it enough to drink more. :)
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27 Aroma: 1/10 Flavor: 2/5 Value: 2/5
(6 reviews) on
Green tea, flavorless, boring, below average ordinary green tea with slight soapiness. Brewed at 90 C for 5 minutes
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83 Aroma: 8/10 Flavor: 5/5 Value: 3/5
(338 reviews) on
The aroma of this oolong is sweet and creamy with notes of fresh vegetation and lilacs. There is also a hint of nuttiness. Once it is brewed the aroma is still really sweet and creamy but it also has notes of green beans and a tiny hint of chestnut.

The taste is really sweet and really creamy, delightfully so! It is an unusual oolong since I have never had one (unflavored) that is that sweet. After the initial sweetness there are notes of vegetal and an aftertaste of buttery chestnut.

On the second steep the aroma takes on the aroma of artichoke along with the creamy, sweet goodness. The taste is still very sweet but less creamy and has more vegetal notes. I certainly really enjoyed this tea!

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80 Aroma: 8/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 4/5
(21 reviews) on
This is an unflavored milk oolong (teavivre has a different product that is the same thing but with milk flavor added), meaning that it's a pure oolong tea whose flavor is usually described as smooth or milky. I've been drinking it a lot lately, and trying it a number of different ways. What I've found in general is that it's a lovely, smooth-tasting, relaxing, warming tea no matter how I make it, but being particular about the brewing can do a lot to bring out the 'milky' quality in the flavor.

The dry leaf is tightly rolled and only faintly, almost dustily aromatic. When brewed, they give off a relatively strong and smoothly nutty aroma, as does the brew itself, which usually comes out golden amber in color.

The instructions say to brew it at boiling for 1-3 minutes, and I find that that works well. Closer to the one minute end, you get a cup that's more delicately smooth, with a powdered milk-type overtone. Closer to the 3 minute mark and the taste gets richer and more buttery, while still staying smooth. Subsequent brewings (I can usually get 3 out of this tea) get less smooth and more toasty and bitter, but not acrid.

I've also had some success brewing it cooler and longer. Brewing it at 190 degrees or so for 4-5 minutes makes that milky overtone very pronounced, and makes for an exceptionally smooth and buttery cup.

For me, the bottom line is that this is pretty affordable, definitely works as an everyday tea, and has some really nice notes on that milky/smooth/buttery oolong spectrum, despite the lack of additives that often go into 'milk' oolongs.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 5 reviews