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Web: www.ringtons.co.uk
Last Updated: Feb. 13, 2018

About Ringtons Tea

Ringtons Tea & Coffee is a UK-based tea company. Ringtons was founded in 1907 by Samuel Smith; the fourth generation of the family is now actively involved in the business. Ringtons is headquartered in Byker, where their original factory is located; a new factory in a different location was opened in 1992.

The company's business has been based around personal delivery of teas, which it has done since its founding and continues to do today. The company's current logo, with the horse and cart, is a reference to the company's origins, as Samuel Smith started by selling teas from his horse and cart.

Ringtons blends their own teas, and sells a variety of loose teas from different countries, including single-origin artisan teas.

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The following is a selection of the 7 teas from Ringtons Tea in our database.

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Rare Authentic Golden Monkey

Style:Golden Monkey
Region:Fu'an, Fujian, China
No image of this tea

Rare Yunnan White Dragon

Style:White Tea
Region:Yunnan, China
No image of this tea

Rare China Yellow Buds

Region:Menghai, Yunnan, China
Picture of Pure Organic Camomile

Pure Organic Camomile

Style:Pure Chamomile Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free

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