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About France

Field of Lavender, Provence, France. Public Domain photo.
France is a country in Europe.

The climate of France is astonishingly diverse for its size, varying over different geographic regions. The west and northwest have a temperate maritime climate similar to the United Kingdom, whereas the southeastern coast of the country has a Mediterranean climate. France also contains part of the Alps, as well as the Pyrenees, both of which have a cold snowy climate at the higher altitudes. The eastern portion of the country has a climate closer to a continental climate, more variable than the coast.

France does not grow tea, but it grows a number of herbs used in tea. Parts of France may be suitable for growing the tea plant, as tea is commercially grown in the United Kingdom, farther north, and France has regions with a similar climate, and some even considerably more moderate.

Although it is less known for its tea culture than the UK, France has a rich and active tea culture, and there are a number of prominent French tea companies. French tea culture mostly centers around blends and flavored teas.

Styles of Tea Produced in France

This is a selection, not an exhaustive listing, of the styles of tea most commonly produced in France.

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