Unilever Tea Brands

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Last Updated: Mar. 16, 2018
Colorful collage of 12 different tea brand logos: Bushells, Lyons, Lipton, Lan-Choo, Brooke Bond, Red Rose, Scottish Blend, Joko, Choysa, PG Tips, T2, and SariWangiTwelve of Unilever's tea brands. How many of these do you recognize?
Unilever is a large multinational corporation, headquartered in London and Rotterdam. Unilever owns hundreds of brands of different products, including food and drink, cleaning agents, and personal care products.

Unilever started as a merger of Lever Brothers, a British soap company, with the Dutch company Margarine Unie. Shortly after this merger, and in a process that has continued over the years, Unilever entered the tea market by buying tea companies. Unilever is now a dominant player in the tea market in many countries.

Among Unilever's tea brands are a number of well-known and popular brands of tea:

Diverse strategies Unilever uses to achieve market dominance

In some cases, Unilever has used its large size to acquire popular mainstream brands in various countries through purchasing smaller tea companies. In other cases, such as with Saga Tea in Poland, the company has introduced new brands specifically oriented to the market in a country.

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