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Last Updated: Feb. 12, 2018

About Lupicia

Lupicia is a tea company, founded in Japan in 1994, that was initially started as two separate stores which later merged and expanded their offerings. The name "Lupicia" is a fusion of the names of the two stores, L'epicier, meaning "grocery store" in French, and Lu Pi Cha En (緑碧茶園), meaning Jade Green Tea Garden in Chinese. The company has a presence in the U.S. and France, and the U.S. headquarters are located in San Bruno, CA.

Lupicia carries over 400 varieties of tea. Like RateTea, Lupicia classifies its teas by style and region. Lupicia sells a number of single-region teas and is among the largest tea companies in the U.S. with such a selection of single-region Japanese teas. Lupicia sells teas online, and also in its retail locations, in the U.S. in California and Hawaii, and in large number of locations in Japan, and a few in Taiwan, Australia, and South Korea. Although they sell mostly loose teas, they do sell a few teabag teas as well.

Physical Locations

Lupicia PlanoPlano, TX
Lupicia HonoluluHonolulu, HI
Lupicia San JoseSan Jose, CA
Lupicia TorranceTorrance, CA
Lupicia Costa MesaCosta Mesa, CA

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(58 reviews)
80 / 100
Picture of Champagne Rosé

Champagne Rosé

Style: Fruit Black Tea – Region: India
Sep. 27th, 2014

Delicate taste and flavor, easy to drink at any time and any occasion, and great for serving guests. An excellent tea all around.

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(119 reviews)
77 / 100
Picture of Hifumi


Style: Genmaicha – Region: Blend
May. 19th, 2014

This tea has the unmistakably roasty smell of genmaicha. It's made with ancient rice, brown rice and rice pops. The flavor is very good and I had a nice, warm fuzzy feeling as I was drinking this. That lasted until I read my emails at work and lost my happy tea buzz.

The tea was very enjoyable. Work is not.

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Cory Schmidt
(1 review)
73 / 100
Picture of Rooibos Natural

Rooibos Natural

Style: Rooibos – Region: South Africa
Jan. 25th, 2014

It has a coppery red liquor, light aroma, and fairly light taste. The aroma is not unlike the company’s description, like hay or wild dry grasses. The aroma of the liquor is much weaker than the actual leaves, wet or dry, however. The taste is straight and crisp with little to no aftertaste. The flavor is much like h...

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Jenna T. Drinker
(33 reviews)
63 / 100
Picture of Tokio


Style: Flavored Green Tea – Region: ?????
Oct. 20th, 2010

Tokio is a frustrating tea because it has this really fantastic, delicate fruity aroma, but the actual flavor is kind of heavy handed... all around "berry" flavor that way over powers the green tea.
I'm not a fan of berry/fruit tea in general so I'm definitely biased. However, I would recommend it to any fruit tea lov...

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93 / 100
Picture of Sencha

Sencha "Matsuri"

Style: Sencha – Region: Japan
Sep. 29th, 2010

This is my favorite green tea!!! A wonderfully mellow green tea that just always hits the spot and doesn't get bitter! Sencha Matsuri has a fantastic grassy/earthy smell (very "green"), it also brews to a wonderful green color, around the same shade as this website! As for the taste, it's a very classic green tea, but ...

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