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Last Updated: Mar. 12, 2018

About Chado Tea

Chado Tea is a California-based tea company selling loose teas. Reena Shah owns two of Chado's tea rooms.

Chado Tea has several tea room locations, including two in Los Angeles, one in Pasadena, and one in Mumbai, India. Chado's teas are available in their tea rooms as well as through their website. In addition to tea, Chado sells teaware including yixing teapots, and other teapots and teacups.

Physical Locations

Chado Tea Room PasadenaPasadena, CA
Chado Tea Room Downtown LALos Angeles, CA
Chado Tea Room HollywoodHollywood, CA
Chado Tea Room South BayTorrance, CA

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75 / 100


Style: Flavored Black Tea – Region: ?????
Aug. 3rd, 2021

First I need to mention I do not venture into 'flavored' tea territory very often. The aroma (dried and brewed) is unmistakably vanilla. Pleasant and brings to mind a bowl of ice cream. The liquor is a deep dark brown (steeped five minutes). The flavor has a solid vanilla taste. I might enjoy this tea now and then, but...

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85 / 100

Sessa Estate Winey Assam

Style: Assam – Region: Assam, India
Jul. 28th, 2021

The aroma is nice, with a subtle sweetness, earning the 'winey' designation. The liquor brewed (five minutes) to a dark brown. Solid Assam taste with a slight tangy after taste that stays on the tongue. This tea might pair well with milk or sugar.

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70 / 100

Kumaon Black Tea

Style: Black Tea – Region: India
Jul. 27th, 2021

Pleasant mild aroma. The liquor medium honey color. Flavor is good, this tea would probably be overwhelmed with the addition of sugar or milk. Easy to sip and enjoy.

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75 / 100

Kenya FOP

Style: Black Tea – Region: Kenya
Apr. 24th, 2020

A mild earthy aroma. Taste is mild with a slight woodsy after taste. Nice dark brown liquor. Very pleasant over all. This is a tea for anytime of the day sipping.

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80 / 100

Boston Tea Party

Style: Black Tea – Region: Sri Lanka / Ceylon
Apr. 23rd, 2020

This tea has a pleasant mild earthiness. The liquor is a dark brown color. Mild flavor, with a subtle sweet/honey after taste. Certainly worth a try. I will purchase this tea again in the future.

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