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Reviews of Pure Tea (Camellia sinensis)

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Picture of White Tea (White Peony Tea)

White Tea (White Peony Tea) from Triple Leaf Tea

Style: White Peony Tea – Region: Fujian, China

60 / 100 Aroma: 5/10 Flavor: 3/5 Value: 4/5
Oct. 20th, 2016

This tea came from an estate sale (good places to find teas you haven't tried before, really cheap!), in its originally wrapped box.

You know, it's pathetic what some of these highly paid marketing consultants can concoct. I reviewed a loose-leaf Basilur floral tea whose packaging blatantly pandered to romantical...

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Picture of Murchie's Afternoon

Murchie's Afternoon from Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd

Style: Black Tea – Region: Blend

87 / 100 Aroma: 8/10 Flavor: 5/5 Value: 4/5
Jun. 30th, 2016

This is also known as "Empress Afternoon" after the Empress Hotel in Victoria BC, down the street from Murchie's main tea store, and where this brand is served with ritual formality every afternoon. I see why. No English "afternoon" tea I've tried clearly beats this blend for darkness, richness and fullness of flavo...

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Picture of Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast from Trader Joe's

Style: Irish Breakfast – Region: Assam, India

60 / 100 Aroma: 3/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 4/5
Feb. 11th, 2016

This is a moderately tasty, smooth, full tea--especially for a store brand; but then again, Trader Joe's has surprised me in a pleasant way with most of their selections. It's one of the few black teas I've tried where the taste is a lot fuller than the aroma.

Not quite a match for a real Irish tea such as Connem...

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Picture of Darjeeling (Loose)

Darjeeling (Loose) from Hampstead Tea

Style: Darjeeling Black Tea – Region: Darjeeling, India

43 / 100 Aroma: 5/10 Flavor: 2/5 Value: 2/5
Feb. 11th, 2016

My daughter brought this tea back from a trip to England, so my "value" rating may be biased by the excessive price she paid in a souvenir store.

In short: not the best nor the worst tea I've had...tolerable..slightly below average. The flavor isn't bad, but isn't strong enough, and it just doesn't have a lot of ...

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Picture of English Breakfast (Loose)

English Breakfast (Loose) from Ahmad Tea

Style: English Breakfast – Region: Blend

70 / 100 Aroma: 7/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 3/5
Feb. 11th, 2016

My daughter came back from London with this tea packaged in little cubic tins featuring buses and other London sights. As such, my "value" rating is lower than it could be because she paid a tourist premium at a souvenir shop. I'd buy this without hesitation for normal American store prices.

One of the better lo...

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Page 1 2 3 4 5 of 5 pages with 105 results